Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scenario Manager - Eastern Coffe Corporation

I really enjoy this thing, i discovered new things about excel.....
I just let the power of Excel Spreadsheet to sleep on my computer.. hehehe... Thank you sir...

This is the entry for my Scenario Manager of POTS (i don't know if this is right)

This is also the scenario summary

If you want to download the file, click here

This is the Memorandum for CEO

If you want to download the file, click here

Budget Analysis Presentation Downloads, click here

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am I an IT Professional?

Information Technology has made its successful entry in all parts of our society. It may be in education, communication, military and defense, governance, banking and finance, and even in gaming and entertainment. This is not possible without the unending support from IT professionals. But just one question, if all of these people will be given an award, are we one of those who will receive the said credit? This implies with this question:

Are you an IT Professional?

This is question is very easy to answer. And my answer would be "Yes of course"...

How can you prove that you are an IT Professional?

Unlike with the previous, this question i think is a tough one. Proving something is not that simple. You may provide a list of supports that will strengthen your claim.

Now, I will try to prove my claim that "I am an IT Professional". Let us see if I can get that award.

Erica of Textwriters.Net, asked the following questions:
    1. What is being professional?
    2. Do you think you measure up?
    3. What separates a professional from an amateur?
She also stated the following views:
    • if one was paid for something regularly, one was professional. Something followed for a hobby, or for fun, and not paid, was considered amateur.
    • The dictionary definition of ‘professional’ is “…engaging in an activity as means of a livelihood. Extremely competent in a job. A person who conducts his business in a field also pursued by amateurs. A person who engages in an activity with great competence.”
    • To sum up, it would seem that being categorized as professional means showing you have that rarest of commodities, common sense, and then, actually using it. Another major part is being adult, being considerate towards other people, and demonstrating self-control. No-one said it was easy, but it is definitely something worth striving for if you wish to be seen as a true professional, in a sea of amateurs.
A professional is a person in a profession which requires certain types of skilled work requiring formal training or education, or in sports, a sportsmen or sportswomen who derive income by participating in competitive sports (Wikipedia)

For me, being a professional is not on the salary we have but how competence we are in a specific field. To become an IT professional, the minimum requirement is that you are know and somehow expert of something that is related, of course, with the field. The most important is that you contribute to the development of your profession, in my field, Information Technology. Being a graduate of an IT course, say BS Computer Science, is not a guarantee to be an IT professional, because theres a lot of IT course graduates who are not really working in their fields. Yes you graduated and yes you have the knowledge, but how can you apply all the stuff in your mind. Good for us that we are somehow closer to our main line of work. We apply what we know, we learned what we should learn, we contribute the development of IT in our society, and of course, salary will follow. Then I can say that "I am an IT professional".

But as the technology evolves and new inventions and technologies are born, criteria of being an IT professional becomes demanding. Through continuous update will surely help us to stay with this profession... We can do this... We can also claim that award...

God bless you all...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Module 7 - Web Browsing and Messaging Fundamentals

Preassessment 1 - Web Browsing Fundamentals
Date Taken: July 29, 2008
Time Taken: 5:30
Score:37/39 - 94%

I love this part,
good that
i sometimes used IE browser...

Preassessment 2 - Messaging Fundamentals
Date Taken: July 29, 2008
Time Taken: 6:15
Score: 95/106 - 89%

I don't really that familiar with MS Outlook.
But i know the basics of massaging using
yahoo, gmail, etc....

Module 6 - Powerpoint 2000

Preassessment 1 - Powerpoint 2000 Basics
Date Taken: July 29, 2008
Time Taken: 8:00am
Score:84/97 - 86%

I always use powerpoint
in my class but don't really explore
its entire feature

Preassessment 2 - Powerpoint 2000 Advanced Features
Date Taken: July 29, 2008
Time Taken: 10:00am
Score: 116/133 - 87%

Also in here...
Thanx with this Module, i learned some
of the features in Powerpoint

Module 5 - Access 2000

Preassessment 1 - Access 2000 Basics
Date Taken: July 28, 2008
Time Taken: 6:15 pm
Score:50/53 - 94%

it just fine...
carry pa naman

Preassessment 2 - Access 2000 Advanced Features
Date Taken: July 28, 2008
Time Taken: 7:05
Score: 65/74 - 87%

nosebleeding man ito oi...
grrrrr.... my pets in my tommy
are having thier rally...
They are hunry na

Monday, July 28, 2008

Module 3 - Word 2000

Preassessment 1 - Word 2000 Basics
Date Taken: July 22, 2008
Time Taken: 9:30 am
Score:100/103 (97%)

Thats not so bad,

Preassessment 2 - Word 2000 Advanced Features
Date Taken: July 22, 2008
Time Taken: 10:45 am
Score: 69/81 (85%)

This is really bad,
I nearly fail this area..
Thanx God

Module 4 - Excel 2000

Preassessment 1 - Excel 2000 Basic

Date Taken: July 23, 2008
Time Taken: 7:48 pm
Score: 79/89 - 88%

I have a difficulty of
controlling the simulation...
Sometimes, it doesn't respond to my commands
I have no idea whats the problem,
Its either,
the simulation/computer, is defective
or I, tired na from mountains of paper work....,

Preassessment 2 - Excel 2000 Basic

Date Taken: July 26, 2008
Time Taken: 11: 18 am
Score: 79/87 - (90%)

It's really really better to do it
slowly but surely,
Think a million or analyze in many times
before giving the final judgment.
I fortunately passed this area...
2 more to go...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Module 2 - Computer and File Management (Post)

This is my score in Post-Assessment


At this time,
I really take time to read the instructions.... :-)

...I really take time to go over with the tutorial
and also i found some of my mistakes i made...

I've learned from my mistakes...

Now at this moment, I prepare myself
for another adventure in Part 3.

Thinking of it as tricker than the previous
and more difficult the the other. Grrr. Kahadlok..!

So help me God

Date & Time taken: July 9, 2008 8:00pm
Score: 83/86 - 96%

Module 2 - Computer and File Management

This is my score in Pre-Assessment


"....its really hard if you are NFI(Non-Following Instruction)..."

"....No matter how smart a person is,
if not following what is instructed,
always, the X remark will appear..."

"In this Test,
I want to finish quickly
following my reserved knowledge.
I don't read the instructions
anymore until I always get the mark X...."
hehehe.. wawa ayo

"it doesn't hid the
fact that i don't get the minimum required score in this part.
therefore, I failed....."

But anyway,
"Love is sweeter in Second Time around"

... i hope that
"This test is sweeter in Second Time around"

I hope i cannot get the itprof subject in "Second Time Around"

Date & Time taken: July 9, 2008 7:15pm
Score: 73/86 - 84%

Module 1 - Basic Concept of Information Technology

This is my score in Pre-Assessment(uic it prof)

"wow, it not that easy."

"Thank God i passed..."
"I will now proceed to part 2, hope to get it too."

Date & Time taken: July 9, 2008 6:15pm
Score: 76/84 - 90%

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